Introduction to Page Quality

You have probably noticed that webpages vary in quality. There are high quality pages: pages that are well-written, trustworthy, organized, entertaining, enjoyable, beautiful, compelling, etc. You have probably also found pages that seem poorly-written, unreliable, poorly-organized, unhelpful, shallow, or even deceptive or malicious. We would like to capture these observations in PQ rating.

Unfortunately, if we ask you to rate the quality of a page without giving any guidance, the result is dissent among raters. One rater will rate a page High quality, while another rates the same page Low quality. Why do we disagree?

• We may focus on different parts of the page or different aspects of the page. One rater might rate based on the content of the page and another based on the layout of the page.

• We may even have different ideas of what High quality means for a landing page. What makes an encyclopedia article High quality? What makes a product page High quality?

These guidelines are important because they explain what to consider when rating the quality of a landing page. When you read these guidelines, think carefully about the examples, and thoughtfully answer the questions about the landing page and website.

As with all of your rating and feedback, this data is used for evaluation purposes only.

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