Assigning a Page Quality Rating to “Your Money or Your Life” (YMYL) Pages

Page quality is especially important for pages that can affect “your money or your life.” By this, we are referring to the following kinds of pages:

Pages that offer medical/health information or other information that can impact your physical well being (your life).

Pages offering advice on major life issues that may impact your future happiness. Pages in this category include legal advice pages, financial advice pages, etc., and even pages that offer advice on parenting, home buying, purchasing a vehicle, etc. (your life).

Monetary transaction pages, where you give your credit card information (your money).

Pages that ask for personal information like Social Security or other government issued identification numbers, bank account numbers, insurance account numbers, or anything else which could be used for identify theft (your money or your life).

We ask raters to have particularly high standards when considering the following aspects of PQ rating for YMYL pages:

Main content quality, in particular who creates the content and the expertise of the author. Pages that exist to inform people on diseases and health related conditions should be written by people or organizations with professional expertise. The content should be written or produced in a professional style and be edited, reviewed, and updated on a regular basis.

Contact information. Websites that require a high level of user trust, such as medical websites, banks, and even shopping sites that accept credit cards, require very helpful contact information.

Reputation. The reputation of a website is also very important when the information on the website demands a high level of authoritativeness or expertise, such as medical information websites. When a high level of authoritativeness or expertise is needed, the reputation of a website should be judged by what expert opinions have to say. For example, high quality medical websites are endorsed by prominent physician groups.

Maintained/updated website. Medical, legal, financial, and other YMYL websites require up-to-date information.

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