Assigning a Page Quality Rating to Encyclopedia Pages

There are many encyclopedia-type websites. Some are highly respected publications appearing in all major libraries and are standard references. Some are websites edited by anonymous users with no editorial oversight or fact checking. Reputation research is extremely important. High and Highest page quality ratings can only be used for encyclopedias with very good reputations.
As a rater, you will frequently encounter Wikipedia pages. In general, Wikipedia does have a good reputation. Wikipedia is a very popular resource and generally valued for accuracy. However, there is no single author or organization that vouches for the accuracy of Wikipedia articles. Individual Wikipedia articles should be evaluated on the basis of page-level checks because the quality of pages on Wikipedia varies.
Wikipedia articles with a lot of detailed, information-rich MC and external references can usually be rated in the High range. Some Wikipedia articles may even be rated as high as Highest, although this rating is usually considered too high for a Wikipedia article on a medical, legal, or financial topic which requires a high level of expertise. These types of articles can get PQ ratings up to High if they have a lot of high quality MC, are well-researched, and do a good job of citing their resources. Otherwise, a PQ rating in the Medium range is appropriate.
Naturally, articles with very little MC should get lower PQ ratings.

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