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MP3 for Beginners - DAM CDs

What is a DAM CD?

It's no secret to MP3.com regulars: Get the DAM CD!

DAM (Digital Automatic Music) CDs are compact discs containing songs in both MP3 and standard CD audio format--listen to them from your MP3 playlist or your stereo CD player. Also, they frequently include special releases and live music not available for free download or in music stores!

Best of all, DAM CDs are priced by the artist for as low as $5.99!

Where do I find DAM CD's?

You can find DAM CDs for sale on the right side of the artist's MP3.com web page and below individual song listings. Also, genre pages (i.e. Rock, Techno, etc.) have links to the top DAM CDs in the genre.

How do I order the DAM CD?

It's easy to order a DAM CD! Just find a DAM CD you want to buy and click on the link. You will be taken to the DAM CD order screen. Here you can see the songs available on the CD. When you are ready, you can proceed to our secure order form where you will be asked for your address and payment information.

Within minutes of ordering, your DAM CD will be pressed and processed by our automated system for speedy delivery!

If you are an artist interested in joining the DAM program click here. If you already have a DAM CD and have questions about it, take a look at our DAM CD FAQ.






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