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Apesar da maioria dos samples encontrados nestas páginas estar no formato WAV padrão, alguns arquivos podem estar em um formato incompátivel com o seu software. Por EXEMPLO: pode ser que, para aumentar a velocidade de download, alguns arquivos estejam em MP3, mas o seu software só aceita WAV. Desse modo, vc deverá ter em mãos um conversor para converter o arquivo baixado para um formato aceitável para o seu Software. Para isso, vasculhe a nossa seção "CONVERTERS", com os mais diversos "conversores".

113 Audio Resources - Lots of samples to download in MPEG format, aimed at the Drum n Bass/Dance sector. Frequently updated.

Arccentral - 50Mb of drum loops in .wav format.

Artificial Intelligence - This site exists primarily to archive samples for electronic musicians to use in their own tracks, and to distribute the author's drum and bass tracks. Also you will find here descriptions of the freeware and shareware audio utilities: soft synths, editors, players etc. for people like me who don't want to shell out for pro gear. This site has also a really cool design. If you are into Drum'n'Bass, u can't miss it!

Bass Emporium - Bass and bleeps (their words !) to download in .wav format.

Cdrom.com - Large archive of zipped samples, some very large (30Mb+!). Read the 00 Index.txt file for information on the contents of each archive.

Creaciones musicales - Several disk images of Akai format samples.

Crowley'z world - Numerous musical samples in .wav format, catagorised into synths, percussion, loops, vocals & effects.

Dance Tech - Lots of Dance related .wav sounds to download.

Drum Sample Page - Hasn't been updated in years but still contains a set of .wav files of the Rolands 808 & 909.

Ear-Chives - Lots of samples from movies, cartoons etc. Not too sure about sample clearance mind :-)

Earthstation 1 - All sorts of common and not so common .wav files, sound effects, space, war time broadcasts etc.

FNC Samples - 80 free assorted lead, effects and percussions samples in four packs.

Hardcore Nation - one of the best sample libraries ever found on the internet (hardcore samples only), divided into: Bass, Percussion, Synth, Speech, Cutoffed synths, all sampz are in the WAV format and in 16bit 44khz mono. All samples have been carefully selected and the hiss and pops were removed from them.

Hidden Art - Assorted original drum sounds to download in .wav format.

Kalava Drum Archive - Over 300 loops and 9 drumkits to download in .wav format.

Magnacom - Lots of breakbeats to download in .wav format

Maz's Instrument Page - lotsa hi quality and nice XI instruments1

Midi Music - Several assorted percussion, bass & miscelleneous samples in .wav format.

Moonpop - Dedicated to jungle music, real audio examples.

Moviewavs - .Wav files from movies, not sure about the sample usuage clearance though !

Music Machines - Samples in .wav format of nearly 30 synths and drum machines.

NICO SAMPLES - Sampled Vocals from Nico, a great german singer.

Plaeotron Crew - Number of .wav and real audio samples to download.

Samplasonic - Drum and bass loops in .wav file format to download

Sampling Station - Bass and drum samples in .wav format, info and links. Frequently updated.

Sound FX Page - Variety of sound effects to download in .wav format.

Soundwave's Samples - is divided into 2 parts, PROFESSIONAL PACKS - 44.1kHz, 16 bit, quality samples! and TRACKER PACKS .. oh my god, this is one of the best sample sites I've ever seen ! go and check it out now !

Soundwave's Samples - Downloadable .wav files of Juno 106, Waldorf Pulse & Microwave and Matrix 1000, plus few assorted drum samples.

Subvert Breakbeat Collection - Collection of breakbeats in .wav format

Synth Zone - digital audio & sample site, u'll find whatcha need there, it really ROXX !

Synth 'n Sample Stuff - Lots of links to samples on the net.

Synth Samples Page - Not updated for years but still contains some .wav files of Roland 303, Novation Bass Station and Roland 1080

The Samplist - Breakbeat samples, software and links.

Wav Page - Links to sites that have .wav files to download

Weazle World - Drum & Bass, drum and percussion samples in .wav format. Not updated for a while.

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