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The programs needed for the music composing, such as soft. synths, trackers ..


All Sound Tracker 1.30b20 (517+72Kb) AWE tracker for DOS

Buzz - Direct X Driver - direct download. New: this is an updated Direct X Driver for Buzz Tracker

Buzz - direct download. New: Buzz 1.04 is a bug fixed version of 1.00, it also adds some good feat.: 16 bit wav file export, wavetable multiselect. Buzz 2 is being worked on. All machines have been added to this release. Most important bugs like font bug, play position line (its exact now), wavetable bug + many more small things have been fixed. There's no need to stop writing machines either since they can be easily converted to Buzz 2 later. Current version: 1.04

Buzz - direct download. New: You can hear notes when editing pattern with all machines. Mute in seq editor (click on machine name). Solo in seq editor (ctrl+L). New step sizes in seq editor (24, 48 etc..). Dsplib.dll optimized for P2 (backup dsplib from v1.04 before installing if you have Pentium). Old bold font back in machine view. Bugfixes. Current version: 1.04 to 1.1 Update. Note: u have to download 1.04 version first.

Buzz - Jeskola Tracker Fix - direct download. New: Second release of this fix. Unzip this one to your Buzz/Gear/Generators directory.

Buzz - M2Buzz - converts 4/6/8 channel MOD,XM and MIDI-files to BUZZ-songs (BMX- or BMW-files). Very usefull ! Current version: 2.1

Buzz - This is really *hot and perfect* interesting digital music composing tool (with great potential) for the Win95/NT, freeware. Fully modular system, consists of 6 main machines (the tracker pattern controls the cutoff of the filter, which controls the synth output ...). You can visualize the signals between the single machines in realtime, noise generator, stereo reverb, ...

DigiTrakker - direct download. Current version: 3.2

DigiTrakker - supports GUS, SB(PRO,16), all even as MIDI In device, nice interface, pullUp-menu's, integrated sampler, 16 bit samples, size unlimited.

Fast Tracker 2.08 (288Kb) Tracker for DOS

FastTracker - direct download. New: This is an unofficial release (yet) brought to the scene by Andreas Viklund. Well, it looks like it will be available from Starbreeze's homepage very soon. What's new ? Gus Interwave support. WAV support bugfix. SB settings made non editable. Copy/Paste/Resize pattern bug fixxed. Current version: 2.09

FastTracker - still the most popular tracker, nice interface, if you want to check out a tracker for the first time, this is the one to go. Tracker loads MOD, S3M, integrated sampler, 16 bit samples, size unlimited, WAV Load/Save, HD recording, 32 bit HQ mixer for SB16. FTt is together with IT the most popular tracked on the scene. I prefer to try them both :)

FunktrackerGOLD - is used to compose digital audio music through your voxware /dev/dsp DAC output device. Although using a curses editor, It is, I believe, the first ever digital tracker for Linux/Unix.

Impulse Tracker - direct download. Current version: 2.14

Impulse Tracker - direct download. New: Networked Impulse Tracker is simply that - a session of Impulse Tracker where multiple composers can all edit the same song at the same time! It may sound a little bizarre, but networked sessions can be both extremely fun and productive. Current version: Patch #5

Impulse Tracker - direct download. YES ! It's still alive, after a long time, this is the new patch #4 ! This package contains 6 files: IT214 Patch #4. Includes a few bugfixes and some minor enhancements. Registered users should use their own IT.EXE. Then there are 2 Virtual Sound Drivers (MMX,non-MMX) for Impulse Tracker. Then ther's new Driver to connect ITVSOUND.DRV or ITVSOUND.MMX to the server and also Windows server to connect to DirectSound. For more info read the readme.txt Current version: 2.14 #4

Impulse Tracker 2.14 (1022Kb) Tracker for DOS with AWE support

Impulse Tracker - worlds first tracker with resonant filter support incl. instrument filter envelops (MMX req.), ntelligent MIDI Input for SB16, AWE32, GUS and Interwave cards, excellent quality Disk-Writer device using cubic spline interpolation (req. FPU), supports most of sound cards, 16 bit samples, 64 channels, internally 256 for managing the NewNoteActions, GUSMAX software mixing! (kick the 1 MB RAM limit!).

MadTracker - direct download. New: Another setup bug fixed! Volume slide effects in volume column. Pattern expand/shrink functions. Improved pattern copy/paste function. Delay effect for stereo samples. Drums patterns lines display. Better FastTracker effects support. Better S3M support. Small bugs fixes. A nice new font. Current version: 2.02

MadTracker - is a new 32-bit tracker for Windows. MadTrac. is 100% compatible with FastTracker 2. Runs under Windows NT4+ and Win9x. Easy-intuitive-customizable-windowed interface. ProTracker & FastTracker shortcuts. 32 tracks - 4 polyphony channels per track. 32-bit internal mixing with interpolation. Very accurate pitches. New Note Actions. Volume ramping. Advanced click removal. 1 volume column and 1 panning column. FastTracker effects + New effects. 2-bytes effect parameters. Drums patt. Worth to get!

Maube - music module tracker/editor for X11. It is being developed on industry standard Linux but with driver support it will eventually work on other useful operating systems. Like all good software, maube is covered by the GNU Public License.

Modplug Tracker - direct download. New: Improved tree interface. Improved keyboard configuration. Fixed wave writer looping problem (if loop song was checked). Updated help. Added multichannel wave writer. Pattern shrink and expand functions. Improved instrument editor. Pattern Undo available for most block editing functions. Added color presets. Fixed file size limit when encoding. Current version: 1.06

ModPlug Tracker - is a 32-bit Windows 95/98/NT tracker, featuring a lot of options to create the best possible output (Up to 48KHz, 16-bit, stereo). The features are: 32-bit internal precision for mixing, dithered to 16-bit. MultiPoint cubic and quadratic spline resampling. Support for MMX acceleration. Volume Ramping option, to suppress pops and clicks due to sample offsets. Digital Bass Expansion digital low-pass filter. Dolby Pro-Logic Surround support with custom delay. 4-delay lines Reverb Option and MORE

Multiquence 1.02 (404Kb) Digital multi-track recording (shareware)

n-Track 1.0.5 (1.4Mb) Digital multi-track recording (demo)

OctaMED Soundstudio - direct download. New: This time it's time-locked full save evaluation version. Current version: Final Pre-Release Beta 14

OctaMED Soundstudio - New and pretty cool Win95/98/NT tracker. The features are: Main tracker display, MMD, MOD, S3M IT and XM loading, MMD saving, Sample loading and saving (raw, WAV, 8SVX, AIFF, MAUD), Playing routine, (excluding custom MIDI messages) and DirectSoundcode including DSP effects, Recording song/block as sample, Song Properties, Song Annotation, Block Properties, PlaybackSettings, Keyboard Settings, etc etc :))

Real Tracker - another FastTracker clone, features all FT2 things, like exactely same command codes (effect syntax), volume/panning envelopes, vibrato settings, instruments editor, 16 bit samples, 32 channels, MIDI Out + MIDI In support for MPU401 and GUS.

Real Tracker - direct download. Current version: 2.23

Samplitude Studio 4.5 (1.7Mb) Digital multi-track recording (demo)

Saw Plus 32 (1Mb) Digital multi-track recording (demo)

SBStudio - is a tracker-style music program featuring up to 20 monophonic tracks, 256 sheets, 255 samples of 'unlimited' length, an advanced sample editor, sampler, MIDI in & out, mixer, and much more. The supported sound cards are: SB Pro, 16, AWE32/64, Gravis Ultrasound, GU Max. The supported file formats are: PAC save/load, MOD save/load, S3M load, XM load, SOU save/load, RAW save/load, WAV save/load, IFF load

SBStudio - direct download. Current version: 3.22

SBStudio 3.2 (137Kb) AWE tracker for DOS

SoundTracker - a music tracker for the X window system. If you've heard of ProTracker or FastTracker before, you will be familiar with the concept of SoundTracker. The basic concept is simple: you have a number of sound samples, and you can arrange them on so-called tracks. A track (or channel) can not play more than one sample at the same time. While the original Amiga trackers only provided four tracks trackers for PC's can mix a theoretically unlimited number of channels into one sound stream. Get this

SoundTracker - direct download. New: Sampling. Full stereo support. Track editor usable again. XM saver fixes and pattern compression. gtk+ compatibility fixes for 1.1.5 - 1.1.7. Current version: 0.0.12

Trackers Handbook - this is the thing for all the newbies out of there, if you are new to this scene, don't hesitate and download this handbook. It tries to cover every single aspect of tracking, every single tracker, and every single machine available ever, it's intended to become the most comprehensive guide to tracking ever made, and a one-stop source of help for every level of tracker out there, download it, current version: 0.5

Velvet Studio - direct download. New: SB16 and PS2 mouse bugs fixxed. Current version: 2.01

Velvet Studio - supports SB (PRO,16), GUS (GUS PnP planned), MIDI input for GUS, enhanced volume, panning & vibrato envelope definitions, sample editor with effects like flanger, chorus, crossfade, timecompression, fix loop

Versa Tracker - direct download. Current version: Alpha 1

VersaTracker - is a Windows 95/NT based tracker, consists of two main components, an instrument editor and a pattern editor. Everything here will be familiar for those that have used FastTracker II before. Supported files: XM's, S3M's, MOD's, and IT's (up to 2.12) Full MOD, S3M, and IT support are planned for the final release.


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