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Arp-X8 - direct download. New: Added backup of registration info. Current version:

Arp-X8 - is an eight-layer arpeggiator. This program starts with the basic concept of the arpeggiators found in classic instruments like the Roland Jupiter 8 and Arp Quadra, adds a vast array of controls, and then multiplies it all by 8. The Features are: Eight arpeggiators, each with independent controls for motion, timebase, and more. Ten motion algorithms, including random and brownian motion. Rhythm and accent generator. Input and output range controls. MIDI file record and export.

Audio Sim - direct download. Current version: 2.0

Audio Sim - MIDI support for Sound Blaster cards. Additional MIDI card support for use when using a buggy Sound Blaster MIDI. Additional SINE waveform & PORTAMENTO to achieve more vintage(!) Ring modulator usable paralelly with synchronization and FM modulation, .... Realtime synthesizer with all you need : LFO, 2 oscillators, envelopes, sequencer and arpeggiator, DEMO version which doesn't allow you to save your output, registered version is 30$

AudioMulch - is a real-time interactive computer music environment for Windows 95Ū and Windows NTŪ. AudioMulch allows the user to assemble audio sources and effects in real-time, to create sonic performances ranging in style from electronic dance to abstract spectromorphological ambience. Realtime audio processing from file or sound card audio input is also provided. The output can be monitored in real-time and recorded to a wave file. Various audio signal generators and processors are available.

AudioSim v2 (88Kb) Realtime virtual analogue synthesizer (demo)

Axs - direct download. New: Software synthesizer (8 parts, 64 voices), Sequencer, Improved sampler, Improved synthesis engine, Improved effects engine (stereo delay + reverb). Current version: 2.02

Axs - Implemented new curve for filter cutoff, Implemented more tracker commands, etc, about 30 changes in this new 2.02 version, really kicks ASS now !! Absolutely best synth I've ever seen, from the authors of Analogic, really great one, realtime filtering and lotsa other great stuff, it's both the soft. synth and the tracker. Damn, I like this BABY ! Get it now or die !! Original Axs sound Bank + other Sound Kits are available in the pluginz section.

AXS 2.02 (500Kb) Realtime virtual analogue synthesizer (demo)

B.Box - online shop for this great tool. Current version: 1.0

B.Box - the innovative Software Tool which you can program like a traditional drum machine, using step input. To create just the right effect, hoose from a variety of sounds from different musical genres. What's more you can even integrate entire loops into the B.Box grooves. A sample library offers: EMU SP 12, Linn 9000, Roland CR78, R8, TR 707, TR 808, TR 909, Simmons SDS 5, Yamaha RY 30, Casio VI.1 and many more.

Defractor 0.97 - win95 digital sample generator, (up to 48 bit depth) with 2 oscillators combined in different ways, 13 waveforms (incl. 1 custom), 2 envelopes, smoothing filter, pinch/punch filter, sliding, overdrive, attenuator, saves .wav, .raw and .xi

DrumStation DT-010 - direct download. New: enhanced DAS support, stereo output recording, stereo pattern recording, completly in english, misc bug squashes.Current version: 1.04

DrumStation DT-010 - Drum Beats - direct download. 13 experimental drum beats. Sequenced by tWAN.

DrumStation DT-010 - Drum Beats - direct download. 14 pumping house & detroit beats. Sequenced by tWAN.

DrumStation DT-010 - Drum Beats - direct download. 7 unique break & hip hop beats. Sequenced by tWAN.

DrumStation DT-010 - DrumKit - direct download. Classic drum computer drum sets (CR-8000, RZ1, DPM-48, DR-110, KPR-77&KR-55, MFB-512).

DrumStation DT-010 - DrumKit - direct download. The famous drum set of the TR boxes (TR-606, TR-808, TR-909).

DrumStation DT-010 - is d-lusions next product in the software synthesis field. Based on the concept of the legendary drum computers TR-909, TR-808 and TR-606 whose throbbing bassdrums and crashing hihats sent generations of dance-music enthusiasts into extasy, DrumStation combines cool old drummachine features with cutting-edge software-synthesis technology. On 8 seperate channels, itīs a pure pleasure to program funky drum grooves via the step sequencer, rock the clubs with the easy-to-use live-act mode.

DrumSynth 1.0 (78Kb) Synthesis program for drums

FRUITY LOOPS 1.4 FULL - Excelente programa para criação de músicas a partir de arquivos wave (samples) e/ou mid. Possui uma interface inteligente, que simplifica ao máximo a criação, tornando o processo muito intuitivo. Incrível! - Recomendada a instalação do DirectX 6.1.

FruityLoops 1.43 - direct download. New: Minor bugfix in loop files from sample browser. Rendering & click removal bugfix. 32&64 Dots, Sample Browser, DrumSynth support and much more. Current version: Pro 1.4.3

FruityLoops - FruityLoops is a tool to create loops. Drumloops. f you know HammerHead it's nearly the same but I hope it's a bit easier to use... & it supports MIDI. It uses MIDI or DirectSound to mix samples (some effects available). The loop can be exported to a MIDI file/clipboard or rendered to a WAV file of course. (Win95 - DirectX 5 - 16 bit display or ugly) Looks much better than HammerHead.

FruityLoops 1.2.12 (850Kb) Virtual drum machine with midi export

Generator - direct download. Current version: 1.5

Generator - a software program which turns your PC into an extremely powerful and easy to use realtime synthesizer. The Features are: Freely connectable signal processing structure with arbitrary number of modules per instrument, User definable macro modules, 128 snapshots per instrument for storing settings, 32-bit floating-point signal processing, Sample rates: internal 22.05 kHz to 132.3 kHz, external 44.1 Khz, Import and export of WAV files.

HammerHead Rhythm Station 1.0 (1.3Mb) Virtual drum machine

Jaytrax - direct download. Features: Realtime sound synthesis, Realtime effects (like filters/echoes), An Active-X player designed for applications or on the web to playback the song, If only Synthesis is used, then the songs can be extremely small (the player can play them 'zipped'). Songs can be like 3Kb, Songs can be outputted to .Wav to edit them in other programs or to convert them to MP3, Built in Sample editor/ sequencer/ instrument editor, Full MIDI support. Current version: 2.0

Jaytrax - is a complete all-in-one package for everyone who is interested in music and sound, from the starting novice to the established professional. JAYTRAX combines the sound reproduction of synthesizers and the composing tools of modern sequencers in an intuitive but powerful user interface. The completed songs can be easily integrated into Web pages or in self made programs. Features: Realtime sound synthesis, Realtime effects, Built in Sample editor/ sequencer and much MORE ! Check out it's page

KSynth - simulates a complete modular analog synthesizer on your UNIX box. Create sounds & music using small modules like oscillators for creating wave-forms, various filters, modules for playing data on your speakers, mixers, faders,... You can build your complete setup with the gui of the system, using the modules - generators, effects and output - connected to each other.

Little Drummer Boy - direct download. New: Bugfix: Should be able to load more types of WAV files. Current version: 0.89b

Little Drummer Boy - is a software to create drumloops. The creators of Stomper created another kickin' ass progie. I must emphasize, that the goal of the software is to create drumloops. It is not a drummachine simulator, it is not a realtime program, and it does not have sync, MIDI support, or anything like that, nor is it intended to have. The program requires STOMPER to be installed. You use it to combine WAV samples and Stomper sounds to a combined sample, with processing (distortion, ..).

Little Drummer Boy 0.88b (1.8 Mb) Virtual drum machine

Microsoft Synthesizer (3.2Mb) Microsoft/Roland GS Synthesizer

Orangator - direct download. Current version: 2.0b

Orangator - powerful and flexible virtual analogue synthesizer with subtractive synthesis - freeware!, hold you horses and download that baby *NOW*, ultimate freedom of sounds, saves its sounds to raw PCM, WAV or FastTracker XI, u can find lotsa news and improvements in this new version.

Orangator 2.0b (328Kb) Virtual analog synthesizer

Quack 3.02 - quack is comparable to Fx (but it's not freeware, registration is 30US$), you can build your own synthesizer from different modules, is it necessary to mention that you can save the output to .wav ... ? :)

ReBirth RB-338 2.1 (2.5Mb) TB-303/TR-808 virtual synthesizer (demo)

ReBirth RB-338 - is the software reincarnation of two analog bassline synths (303's) and two classic drum machines (909's). It also includes a digital delay, a quad-input distortion unit, a compressor and an analog filter emulation unit, the PCF . All the quirks and subtle qualities of analog, combined with the convenience of modern computers. This is what u cannot miss. Download it, check it out and buy it ! trust me :) - direct download. - - ReBirth RB-338 HOME PAGE - New: The 2.0.1 upgrade adds several new features and fixes several problems in ReBirth 2.0. Among the new features in this free update are ReWire support in the Windows version as well as several other improvements and fixes. The Demo has all the features of the commercial version, but has no mods. The Demo works for 15 minutes and can't save songs or export audio to aiff/wav. Current version: 2.0.1

RubberDuck H3o+ - direct download. New: Finally completely in English, enhanced Midi Clock Sync, better DAS support, phatter slides. Current version: 2.04

RubberDuck H3o+ - a new filter model for ultra-weird effects, second drumloop deck, synchronizable to other d-lusion products via das, new graphical user interface .. ACID FOR THE MASSES, software based virtual bassline creator ala 303 (win95/NT) - just needs your CPU and a plain soundcard - that's all, realtime filters with farting resonance, 4 basic waveforms, integrated 224 note sequencer, registered version (25$) saves the complete sound to WAV

RubberDuck H3o+ 1.02 (2.1Mb) Realtime virtual analog bassline (demo)

Seq-303 - direct download. New: Added backup of registration info. Current version:

Seq-303 - is an analog sequencer emulator that faithfully recreates the look, feel and sound of a voltage-controlled instrument. Inspired by such legendary sequencers as the Serge TKB, Roland TB-303, Paia 4710, and Arp 1613, Seq-303 features: 16 stages by 5 rows (pitch, velocity, and three controllers), MIDI file record and export, Configurable NRPN support, Per-stage glide, Real-time interaction, External transposition, Program banks, Randomization, patterning, and force-to-key and so on :)

Seq-303 2020 (677Kb) TB-303 emulator (30 day shareware version)

Signum 1100 DX 1.0d (2Mb) Akai S1000 emulator

SimSynth 1.2 (220Kb) Virtual synthesizer (demo)

Simsynth 1.2 - one of the best (if not THE best) virtual synthesizers you can get, easy to use interface and many options, enjoy this one

Smorphi - direct download. Current version: 3.0

Smorphi - software synth with very nice user interface and good tutorial, check it out now, finally you can add vibrato and use the lowpass filter, there is also macro recording. Write your resulting sample in a WAV-file (in the shareware-version limited to 1 second)

Smorphi 3.0 (913Kb) Virtual analog synthesizer

Sound Fx 1.5 - different from other software synthies : build your own synthesizer, you have different tools you can put together to create the sound you need, many possibilities to change your virtual synth, you can create almost every although it's not easy, you can save your result to a WAV-file

Stomper Ultra++ 3.02 (1.1Mb) Synthesis program for drums

Stomper Ultra++ - direct download. Current version: 3.0

Stomper Ultra++ - this is the ultimate toy to create (not only) kicking drum sounds, includes many presets, 32 oscillators are adjustable in their frequency, amplitude and tone, choose sample-rate and save your result to a WAV-file, Still, it manages to make faithful reproductions of 909's, 808's, and Simmons drums - and even phatter sounds! Really a perfect analog synth !

SubBastard - free and simple sound synth to create warm bass-sounds n' disted fx's.

SYRE - Linux music/rhytm generator blends the deep analog sounds of additive synthesis withthe persistent melodies of 303-style sequencing. The resultingchaos of rhythm and harmony is filtered through classic envelopegeneration for aural injection directly into the users brain.With adequate misappropriation of the keyboard, the user hassimultaneous control of sixteen harmonics, portamento, envelope,tempo, panning and volume, as well as chaotic dispersion of themelody.

VAZ 1.5 (509Kb) Virtual analog synthesizer

VAZ - direct download. Current version: 1.5b1

VAZ - very nice realtime synthesizer-freeware with integrated sequencer, uses the common, parts of a virtual synth: oscillators, envelops, filter ... VAZ is a must-have for you soft synth freak!

WinGroove 0.9E (1.1Mb) Plays MIDI sounds under DOS and Windows

Yamaha S-YXG50 Soft Synthesizer - direct download. Current version: 2.1

Yamaha S-YG20 3.0 (3.2Mb) Yamaha S-YG20 soft synthesizer (demo)

Yamaha S-YXG100 1.0 (5.9Mb) Yamaha S-YXG100/Sondius XG soft synthesizer (demo)

Yamaha S-YXG50 3.0 (4.3Mb) Yamaha S-YXG50 soft synthesizer (demo)

Yamaha S-YXG50 Soft Synthesizer - Optimised code allows the softsynth to run at 44.1KHz 16bit resolution with full effects processing on MMX PCs, or standard PCs with cpu speeds in excess of 166MHz. The software offers 676 fully programmable voices, 21 fully programmable drum kits (GM/TG300B & full XG), and a staggering 3 parallel 24 bit resolution effects busses.





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