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Para editar arquivos de áudio.


Akai's MESA II 1.01 (1.3Mb) Wave editor/modular editing system for Windows

Akai's MESA II 1.01(1.3Mb) - Wave editor/modular editing system for Windows

Algorithmix Sound Laundry 2 Completo by RADiUM (1.6 Mb) - Homepage

Cool Edit 96 (2Mb) An excellent audio editing package, Cool Edit works with over a dozen different audio formats including AU, WAV and PCM, and has extensive editing capabilities. The unregistered version lets you use only 2 of the advanced capabilities at a time, which still gives you a good idea of the capabilities of the program. Wave editor for Windows (versão demo apenas para quem já tem o remédio.

Cool Edit PRO 1.1 (3.8Mb) Wave editor for Windows (demo)

CoolEdit Pro 1.1 Full com o manual.PDF - Mirror (9 Mb) - Homepage Oficial

Creative WaveStudio 4.02 (418Kb) Wave editor for Windows

Dart Pro 1.16 - 3mb - Homepage - Excelente software para remasterização: retira os "pops" e "clicks" do vinil, entre outras funções.

DJ Master - DJ Master is a digital audio player for Windows 95. You can use it to play PCM Wav files in a wide variety of modes, then mix them together and create your own play list. DJ Master also has advanced editing features found in more expensive audio applications.

Dub It (546,939) - Dub it easily adds audio to images and movie clips with the click of a mouse. Dub it adds audio in realtime as you watch the movie or view the image, add, modify, or delete the movie soundtrack anywhere, anytime with instant play back until you are happy with the results.

GoldWave 4.02 (637Kb) Wave editor for Windows - Pequeno e poderoso editor de som, com muitos recursos. GoldWave includes many sophisticated features like direct-to-disk editing, spectrogram oscilloscopes, and advanced effects(Doppler, Distortion Noise gate, etc.).

n-Track Studio - A multi-track recorder that allows recording,overdubbing and mixing of WAV and MIDI files. Multiple WAV formats are supported, while both mono and stereo tracks can coexist in the same song. Audio effects can be applied in real-time, allowing you to preview the changes before making them permanent. Also has quite a few other options for editing and mixing of audio files.

Sound Forge 4.5C Completo - 5,33 MB (5.595.468 bytes) - Homepage Oficial

Steinberg Clean v1.0 working (RADiUM) - 4 Mb  Homepage 

SuperSonic (1MB) - SuperSonic is an audio suite of professional quality for amateur use. Audio devices include Mixer,CD Player, Midi Player, MOD Player, Wave Player/Editor, and more. The disc jockey feature provides audio queue construction, editing, and play back.

Virtual Turntables 1.75 com o número de série -  2.3 Mb -  Homepage

WabeLab 2.0 (3.7Mb) Wave editor for Windows (demo)

WaveConvert Pro 3.1 build 4 (registered) - batch audio processor  3.4 Mb  Homepage  - Converte e edita múltiplos arquivos de áudio ao mesmo tempo.

WaveLab 2.02 Full version (RADiUM) Mirror -  5.7 Mb -  Homepage 

Yamaha Tiny Wave Editor 2.15 (1.4Mb) Wave editor for Windows

Yamaha Tiny Wave Editor 2.15 (1.4Mb) Wave editor for Windows



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