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Amaplay 1.0 172k

AMP 2.4 (73Kb) MOD, XM, S3M, MTM, PTM, IT player for DOS

AMP 2.0 for Windows (174Kb) Complete AWE mod player for Windows

AmpZilla 0.2b 42k

Apollo 30 1043k

Audio Twister 2.0.5e 2610k

Audio Twister 2.0.5s 2610k

AudioActive 1.93b 1379k

AudioActive 1.93b 1379kb

AWE Mod Player 1.51 (139Kb) MOD, XM, S3M, IT player for DOS

AWE MIDI Player 32 (72Kb) MID + SBK/SF2 player for Windows

AWE Play 1.2.1 (91Kb) MID + SBK/SF2 player for Windows

Buggy 1.4 362k

C-4 1.1 338k

CDH Media Wizard 3.1 9690k

CoolPlayer 0.9b 102k

Dema MP3 Player 2.0 1742k

Dementia MP3 Suite 1.0r5 1305k

Dementia MP3 Suite R6 1362k

Digital 1200SL DJ Player 3.0b1 740k

DJ System 2.01 440k

Em Pee Free 1.4 390k

Esprit 1.3 (1.4MB) - Plays both VQFs, MP3s. First player to offer basic seek functions for VQFs. Not as graphical as WinAmp or K-jofol.

Esprit 1.53 1851k

Esprit 1.5b 1500k

FreeAmp 1.2.1 1217k

FreeAmp 1.2.1 1217k

FreePlay 1.0 410k

HyCD Play&Record 2.00.0415 7043k

HyCD Play&Record 2.00.0415 7043kb

HyCD Play&Record 2.00.1330 6835k

HyCD Play&Record 2.00.0408 6835k

Impulsive 1.0 287k

Jeff MP3 Player 1.0 1243k

Jet Audio 4.02 5600k

Jet Audio 4.02 Retail - 5.6 Mb

Jet Audio 4.02 Retail - 5.6 Mb

Jet Audio 3.0 (2.2Mb) General purpose player for Windows

Jet Audio 3.0 (2.2Mb) General purpose player for Windows

Juke Multimedia Player 3.4 1064k

K-Jofol 0.51 - Indispensável!!! Simplesmente o melhor player! É o único que lê os principais formatos de áudio comprimido (VQF, MP3 e AAC); é o que menos usa o processador, sendo altamente recomendado para computadores lentos; possui o único VQF decoder disponível; e... é FREEWARE!!! bY aEGiS cORP - 1472kb

Kjofol 0.51 1390k

m&Amp 1.0 alpha 3 333k

MAPlay 1.A 795k

Megamix98 2.0 9600k

Melody 1.4 288k

Microsoft Media Player 6.1 4081k

Microsoft Media Player 6.2b 2337k

Microsoft Media Player 6.2b 2337k

Microsoft Netshow 3.0 3970k

Mikeys MP3 Player 1.2 1032k

Miles Sound Tools 5.0n 462k

MP3 Blaster 1.21b 1635k

Mp3 Player '99 1.10 1914k [Players]

MP3 Explorer 1.05b 660k

Mp3 Player '99 1.10 1914k

MP3 Player 0.45 273k

MP3-Box 1.3 1600k

MPEG DJ player 1.31 1350k

MPEG3 Dos Player 0.5 254k

MPFree 1.8 1300k

MPXPlay 1.39 184k

MS Media Player 6.0 (2.5Mb) RA, ASF, AVI... player for Windows

MS Media Player 6.0 (2.5Mb) RA, ASF, AVI... player for Windows

Multimedia Clock + MP3 Player 973k

Multimedia MPEG 1.51 518k

MuseARC (Registered) - 900 Kb

MuseArc 850k

MuseARC  -  900 Kb

MusicAmp 0.96 428k

MusicMatch JukeBox 3.1 6400k

MusicMatch JukeBox 3.1 6400k [Players]

MusicShark 0.5 463k

Nad MP3 Player 0.93 (116kb) - A good player in overall. Very quick and easy to use. Has an equalizer and a playlist editor. Freeware. bY Nad

NAD 0.94 Prebeta 3 (100 Kb) -  Homepage

Net Player MP3 1.1 430k

Novastation MP3 Player 0.91.1 1006k

Open Cubic Player 2.51 850k

OpenCP 2.50 (Cubic Player, 850Kb) General purpose player for DOS

Pam 1.24 1974k

Pam 1.25 1910k

Pam 1.26 1973k [Players]

Pii's Power Play 99e 830k

RadioDj 0.7.1 5900k

RadioWolf 2.05 1996k

RainPlay 1.20 212k

RamPlayer 2.0 beta2 1444k

RealPlayer 6.0G2 (2.2Mb) RealAudio player

RealPlayer 6.0G2 (2.2Mb) RealAudio player

Rocket Engeneer MP3 Player 1.0b 375k

Sanook! Power Play THAI edition 0.8 871k

SBK Player 0.90 (23Kb) MID + SBK player for DOS

SBK Player 0.90 (23Kb) MID + SBK player for DOS

ScMPx 1.11 296k

Skull Player 2.0 554kb

Skull Player 2.1 1275k

Sonique 0.92 Beta - 500 Kb

Sonique 0.92b 1367k

Sonique 0.95c 1332k

Sonique 0.75 Beta (500 Kb) -  Homepage

Sonique 0.75 beta (716kb) - A great player with a great set of features, plays beside MP3 also mod, it, s3m, wav and cd audio. Freeware. bY night 55, inc.

Sonique 0.95c 1332k

Soritong (10 Jan 1999) (876KB) - Minimal VQF support, but a good looking player.

Soritong 1.0b3 1198k

Soundworx Midplay 1.02 (1.5Mb) MID + SBK/SF2 player for DOS

Soundworx Midplay 1.02 (1.5Mb) MID + SBK/SF2 player for DOS

SuperSonic 4.2 1000k

The professional MP3-Player for DJ's 2.0b3 161k

Top 10 Player 2.3.4 1635k

Top 10 Player 2.3.4 1635k

Unreal Player 1.29 R7 (Retail) (1.5 Mb)

Unreal Player MAX 1.40 623k

Unreal Player MAX 1.41 643kb

Unreal Player Max 1.29 (644kb) - Unreal Player Max plays MP3, MIDI, WAV, MOD, S3M, IT, XM, CD audio and AVI movies. The user interface is customizeable, and also supports plug-ins. Shareware. bY 303tek

Unreal Player MAX 1.29 R7 full  (1.5 Mb) - Homepage

Unreal Player MAX 1.41 643k

Virtuosa Gold 3.10 8500k

Vqf plugin 0.10 for Winamp - Faz com que o winamp suporte VQF. bY..?

VVSPlayer Revolution - #MIRROR2 (2,6Mb) VVS Player Revolution is an MP3 player that supports MPEG Layer 1, 2 and 3, WAV, VQF, and CD digital audio. It features skins support, playlists, a "favorites" function, ID3 tag recognition, CDDB, and offers a choice of an English, Russian, or French language interface. In this shareware version, the favorites folder management feature is disabled. The fully functional registered version costs $15. Minimum requirements: Pentium, Windows 95/98/NT, 16MB RAM, sound card. bY XFileZ

VVSPlayer Revolution 1.5.0sp2 2917k

White Tiger 2.0.12 3680k

WinAmp 2.11b 608k

WinAmp VQF plugin 0.10 (5KB) - Input plugin for the popular audio player WinAmp. To install, you MUST read the readme.txt file!! Supports almost all features that MP3s do, including visualization! (only thing lacking is seeking, and that is on its way) Requires WinAmp 2.03 or higher!

Winamp 2.11 + gerador de número de série (600kb) - Quick, easy to use and very configurable. Winamp supports MP3, MP2, VQF, AAC, CD audio,MOD audio formats, more than 3000 skins and 200 visualization and audio effect plug-ins. Click here to register.

WinAmp 2.11b 608k

WinJey 1.01 505k

Winkik-A-Mpeg-Player-3 1.21 beta 224k

WinPlay3 2.3b5 16bit 807k

WinPlay3 2.3b5 32bit 983k

Wired Planet MP3 Player 0.8 567k

Wired Planet MP3 Player 0.8 567k

WPlay Anime 1.70.5 608k

WPlay 1.70 beta 4 with registration code

Wplay 1.70 beta2 (515kb) - Wplay is a great piece of software, with the skins you can change everything, even the place of the buttons can be modified. You can register here for just $10. Shareware bY Thomas Lenart

WPlay 1.70.5 584k

WPlay Anime 1.70.5 608k

Xaudio 1.0 819k

Xing MP3 Player 1.0 1948k

XTC Play 0.97c 265k

XtcWplay 0.99 545k

Y-Amp 3.3 2035k

Yamaha SoundVQ Player 2.51b1 (1.39MB) - Fairly good VQF player. Does not expire like older versions.

ZipAudio 1.202 1696k




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