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midi software


Arkaos - MIDI visual sampler and realtime effect processor

Audioworks - realtime audio to MIDI conversion software for Win... software called Sound2Midi

Cakewalk - software allowing the user to create music using MIDI and digital audio.

Coda Music Technology - 'Finale' - composing software, Vivace - midi studio

Cubase - composing, recording studio software

Drumtrax - designed for MIDI sequencers in various OS

jazz - shareware MIDI sequencer for MS Windows and Linux

Musitek - Midiscan / Pianoscan - converts scanned paper partiture to digital MIDI file song

opcode - musical tools - MIDI sequencing and digital audio recording software - Studio Vision, fusion Vocode

PG Music - Band-in-a-Box - music software

Sound Quest - software for Win that is used to store, organize, generate and edit synth patches

Soundtrek - Jammer - sequencer and song writing tool

Techno Toys - software for electronic music

Voyetra - various MIDI software for recording, composing, learning

Win Jammer - win MIDI Sequencer



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