Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000 Empower Your PC for the Optimal Educational Experience. Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000 brings learning to life with groundbreaking multimedia.

Microsoft Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000 combines comprehensive content and advanced technology to create an exciting educational experience for students of all ages in this award-winning multimedia encyclopedia.

The best name in multimedia encyclopedias!

Note: The components of this product may vary by country so please check with your local reseller.

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  • More information! Now with 42,000+ articles-2,000 new, 10,000 new historical archive articles, and 40+ million words.
  • More multimedia! Bring learning to life with more than 15,870+ photos and illustrations, 170+ videos and animations, and 2,600+ audio clips.
  • Visually explore, analyze and compare historical events around the world with the new Dynamic Timeline.
  • Use the new Curriculum Guide to select a grade level and subject and view a list of relevant resources for either U.S. or Canadian students.
  • Free* Encarta Online Deluxe-Access Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe anytime, anywhere you have Internet access.

Also available on DVD-ROM!

Top-Line System Requirements

Pentium or higher processor
Operating System
Windows 95, Windows 98 or later, or Windows NT Workstation version 4.0 or later
35 MB of available hard-disk space
16 MB of RAM for Windows 95 or Windows 98
24 MB of RAM for Windows NT Workstation
Quad-speed CD-ROM or faster
Super VGA, 256-color or higher monitor supporting 640X480 or higher resolution (800 x 600 screen resolution recommended) with local bus video and 1 MB or more of video memory
Microsoft Mouse, Microsoft IntelliMouse or compatible pointing device
16-bit sound card with headphones or speakers
To use Encarta Yearbook, Web Links and monthly online updates*:
14.4 or higher-baud modem
Internet access**
2 MB of additional hard-disk space each for monthly installment
Web browser
To use Encarta Research Organizer:
6 MB of additional hard-disk space
To use Encarta Speech Recognition:
15 MB of additional available hard-disk space
To use Encarta Text-to-Speech:
9 MB of additional available hard-disk space
To use Microsoft Natural Language enhanced search capabilities:
60 MB of additional available hard-disk space
*Online updates for Encarta Encyclopedia Deluxe 2000 are made available on the Internet each month from June 1999 to December 2000 at no additional cost.
**Access to and use of the Internet require payment of a separate fee to an Internet provider, and telephone charges may apply.