What are the different Internet connection methods?

[This information is preliminary and subject to change.]

Here are the Internet connection options you'll see in the Connect to the Internet wizard.


Choose this if you have a wireless router or network, even if you also have a broadband connection. Also choose this if you're connecting to a hotspot.

Broadband (PPPoE)

Choose this if your computer is connected directly to a broadband modem (also called a Digital Subscriber Line (DSL) or cable modem), and you have a Point-to-point Protocol over Ethernet (PPPoE) Internet account. With this type of account, you need to provide a user name and password to connect.



If you want to connect a wireless network to the Internet with a broadband modem, choose the Wireless option.


Choose this if you have a modem but it's not a DSL or cable modem, or if you want to use Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) to connect your computer to the Internet.