A template is a helper tool that you create to give you a head start when developing an application. When creating a project you can specify a template script to use for the project. A template script is much more than just an asm file to start your program with, it can set project file options, include binary data and create all of the necessary files for your program. There is no single tool in RadASM that lends itself better to the concept of Rapid Application Development than the template. There are predefined templates as well as those you can create yourself. Templates are very useful when you create a lot of programs that have the same initial code such as Win32 resource based dialogs. For the most part all of your programs will have similar startup code, it is more efficient to put this code in a template and have it inserted when creating a project.

Use Create Template from the Project menu to create a template to use with RadASM. You will be asked for a short description of the template and have just to select the files you wish to include, the template script file is automatically generated.

See for more information on the template file format.