Sniplets are small sections of code that you can add to a program. To create a sniplet copy a block of code to a file with the extension asm and place it in the sniplet folder of your assembler. By default sniplets are divided into two categories, code and macro, each type has it's own subfolder in the sniplets folder, save your asm file into the appropriate subfolder to have it classified properly. When you wish to copy the block of code into your project, place the cursor where you want it to be inserted and select sniplets from the Tool menu. Select you sniplet and press Select All then the Editor button, the code will be placed at the current cursor position. You can also choose to send the sniplet to Output Window 1 (Use copy&paste to insert it in your code) or to the Windows Clipboard (use paste to insert it in your code).

The behavior of the sniplet window is controlled by the Sniplets selection of the Options menu. Double Click Action will determine what happens when you double click on a sniplet in the left (treeview) window of the sniplet dialog.

Open expanded will cause the sniplets group to be expanded when the dialog is opened.

TIP: You can create new sniplet classifications by adding subfolders to the sniplets folder