Introduction to Projects

A central concept to RadASM is the project. A project is a term that is used to describe all of the development files associated with making an application and also the command structure necessary to assemble these modules into a useable application. These include the asm source code files, the resource files and dialogs. RadASM uses it's own formats for dialog resources and storing strings in a string table but it generates standard RC and RES files to link to your application.

A project is contained in it's own folder and can optionally have a number of subfolders, generally there is a RES subfolder that is used to store the RC files and a BAK folder that contains backups created by RadASM each time you save a file. Within the project folder is at least one main file. This file is the root file, it contains the includes for all other files used by the assembler when building your program. Each project has a single (RadASM Project) file that contains information about the project such as compile commands, a file list and various options.