Introduction to RadASM

RadASM is a written by Ketil Olsen. It includes all of the tools you need to begin writing programs in ASM using a wide variety of assemblers. At the time of this writing the supported assemblers that are native to RadASM are:

MASM - Hutch's MASM32 Package
FASM - Thomasz Grysztar's Flat Assembler
NASM - The Netwide Assembler
TASM - Borland's Turbo Assembler (No longer Available)
HLA - Randall Hyde's High Level Assembler GoAsm - Jeremy Gordon's GoTools Assembler

(All links were active when this file was written but are subject to change.)

The term RAD stands for Rapid Application Development and that is exactly what RadASM allows you to do. By integrating most of the things needed to build an application into a single integrated development environment RadASM provides a fast, and powerful way to program in assembly language.

RadASM can be downloaded from

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