Creating help file additions

This help file was built with Front Page and HTML Help version 4.74. If  you have created an AddIn and would like to have a page inserted about it the naming conventions are as follows:

All file names are lower case and spaces are replaced with an underscore _

Each file name begins with a three letter prefix followed by an underscore that denotes the content type. The prefixes are defined as follows:

rah_ - Main RadASM help document
aih_ - AddIn help document
faq_ - FAQ document
asm_ - Document is specific to a single assembler
adv_ - Advanced topic
hlp_ - Dealing with this help file

For specific content in RadASM there should be an additional prefix :

rah_opt_ - Setting options
rah_ui_ - User interface

Assembler specific prefixes should be followed by the assembler name :


For example : rah_add_proj_file.htm

Image names must also be lower case and use underscores instead of spaces but they have no pre-determined naming convention.

Special thanks to

KetilO for great IDE and all the help he spends his time giving us.

Hiro and Hutch - for the forums to discuss the IDE and revitalizing ASM

All the members of the boards who gave suggestions even if they didn't know it.