Q: The output windows in RadASM is opened every time the mouse passes the status bar. How do I disable this behavior?
A: Open and change 1=FlipCase.dll,63 to 1=FlipCase.dll,31

Q: I can't make the visual icon / image control work.
A: You have to add the icon / bitmap to the rc file by using the tool Project / Resource. Note that after changing the resource you must make a fake change to the dialogs using the icons / bitmaps to update the xxxDlg.rc file.

Q: My resources are not available in my DLL
A: The default link command for DLLs does not link resources. In Project Options add ,4 to the end of the link command, be sure to enable the Compile Resources menu item as well.

Q : Feature request: Could there be mouse-wheel support in RadASM?
A: Check Options / Code Editor Options / Use Mouse Wheel.

Q: When I open a lot of files sometimes it is impossible to view all the tabs so I have to close some windows. Is it possible to add some navigation arrows
A: There are left and right arrows that appear on the tab bar to scroll it when there are too many tabs to display at once (small buttons on the far right of the tab bar). If you want them all to be displayed at once you can select Tool Windows from the Options menu and enable multi-line tabs then adjust the height of the tab bar to fit all of the tabs.

Q: Is it possible to run also a batch file from within' the menu tools?
A: Yes, example : 8=Masm32 &Build,0,T,$B.bat,$

Q: How do I add a button to the toolbar in the RadASM IDE?
A: The only way to add buttons to the toolbar is by .

Q: What's the difference between an ASM file and a module?
A: Modules can be assembled into separate OBJ files

Q: What command line do I specify to use GoRC instead of RC.exe?
A: The Compile RC command should read :4,O,$B\GORC.EXE /r,1

Q: I have tried to setup paths for HLA using Option>Setpaths but it is not working.
A: You probably need to set the environment variables that HLA requires.

TIP : To make RadASM handle both masm STRUC and STRUCT definitions, make the following changes in assembler.ini:
Add this line to section [CodeMacro]
xx=struc,T,CI$ ends
xx is next free number.
Change this line in section [Code]