WinErr by QvasiModo

WinErr 2.014 by QvasiModo (Mario Vilas)
07 Nov 03

Provides a quick lookup of system error codes and their descriptions.
You can look for decimal numbers, hexadecimal numbers (preceded by "0x"), and equate names.
The list of errors currently supported includes system errors (GetLastError API), Winsock errors (WSAEGetLastError API), and COM errors (as returned in EAX).

There are two versions (completely independent from each other):
- WinErr.exe Standalone version.
- WinErr.dll AddIn version (see below).

The standalone version will store it's settings in WinErr.Ini, located at the same directory in wich WinErr.exe resides.

You can load the WinErr addin under the following IDEs:
- AsmEdit, by Ewayne L. Wagner
- Chrome (formerly known as MAsmEd), by Franck Charlet
- QuickEditor, by Steve Hutchesson
- RadAsm, by Ketil Olsen
- WinAsm, by Antonis Kyprianou

If you want to know more about this programs, please go to this forum:

Integration with RadAsm (v2.0.3.0 and above):

Copy WinErr.dll to your AddIns folder and install it using Addin Manager.
To do it manually, add the following to the [AddIns] section of RadASM.ini:


Where "n" is the next available addin number, and "x" is the option (0 to disable, 1 to enable).
For earlier versions of RadAsm, the following entry must be added instead:


The settings will be stored in AddIns\WinErr.Ini.

Author's note: This program is freeware, and you are free to use and/or redistribute it, provided no modifications are made to the original package, and I am given the proper credit. :)

Editors note: Only the RadASM integration is included here. For other information see the website indicated