Version Control by WillAsm

Version Control with Backup to Zip & Milestones Support
By WillASM
Last Update: Oct. 17 2003


1) Copy VersionControl.dll to your addin folder (typically C:\RadASM\AddIns)
2) Launch RadASM, and go to Option -> Addin Manager
3) Select VersionControl from the list, click "Install"
4) Choose Enable AddIn, then click "OK"


To access Version Control addin settings, select Version Control, from the Project menu. The addin will display a tabbed dialog box with four tabs.

Version Control Settings

The options group to the left will allow you to customize the behavior of the Version Control Addin. Adjust these to suit your preferences for your project. The File Version Format & Product Version Format groups to the right allow you to customize how your project versions will be updated. The +/- buttons will allow you to set the version length, e.g. x -or- x.x -or- x.x.x -or- x.x.x.x To set the range for each versions digit's, first click on the desired digit to highlight it (The green X's), then select the range from the drop-down list. This range determines when a rollover will occur and cause the digit to the left to be updated. Allowed ranges are 0 to 9-99-999-unlimited. If set to unlimited, no rollover of the digit to the left will ever occur.

e.g. If format length is x.x - and last digit range is 0-9, a rollover will occur on the tenth build. (1.9 will rollover to 2.0)

The Update group allows you to set Update File Version Only, or both File Version & Product Version.


The Milestone's tab allows you to automate the many features of Version Control addin. The Milestone's Settings group to the left allow you to select when a milestone build will occur. Select when you want a milestone to occur, and then select the Milestone Actions on the right you want to be performed when the milestone build is achieved. The milestone actions can be combined to perform more than one action. Some examples of usage are...

Perform An Automatic Backup Every 25 Builds:
Set Milestone Settings to - On Every # Of Builds - Adjust Milestone Frequency To 25
Set Milestone Actions to - Backup Project
(A backup of your project will now be created every 25 builds automatically)

Need to do something at a specific time and do not want to forget:
Set Milestone Settings to - Specific Date & Time - Adjust Date/Time Settings
Set Milestone Actions to - Display MessageBox and/or Play Sound (You will be reminded at the date/time you set)

Backup Project

A backup of your project can be performed from here. Note there are two fields for entering a backup comment. The top one (Backup Comment), if used, will always over-ride the other field (Backup Default Comment). The reason for having both is to help with automated backups. The Backup Default Comment, which is saved to the projects RAP file, can be set to what ever you prefer. Then if under settings, the - Prompt For Zip Comment (Else Default) - is unchecked, the default comment will be used. The buttons to the right of both comment fields will allow you to insert text macros which are expanded when the backup comment is created. The Exclude File Types group to the right will allow you to filter up to 4 file types from the backup's zip file. Note that the file extensions are also saved to the projects RAP file, allowing you to have different filters for different projects. The backup location can also be selected from here. The default backup
location is set to ..Projects\VCBackups\ folder.

Restore Project

Any project backup created by you can be restored from here. Select the backup from the Backup History list, and its comment will be displayed to the right. Press Restore Backup to restore, or Delete Backup to remove backup. Note that when restoring a previous backup, the current projects files will be deleted! This means any new files, code added, etc., will be lost! It is recommended to use the option from Version Control Settings tab, Backup Project Before Restoring. This will generate a backup first, with the comment... "Auto Generated Backup - Created During Project Restore"

Special Notes:

1) A Project must be loaded for the addins menu item to be enabled.
2) Version Control settings are stored in each projects RAP file. This allows you to have different settings for every project.
3) The backup and restore features allow you to safely experiment with major code changes. Create your backup, then make your major code changes. If you find its not working as you thought it would, simply restore the backup!
4) The milestone action, Play Sound, requires a WAV file. Use any WAV file you prefer and copy it to RadASM's Addin folder, and rename the file to VersionControl.wav.