The Toolbar creator

Though it is technically not an AddIn the Toolbar creator is a program that resides in the AddIns folder. It is designed to facilitate the creation and management of toolbars.

The toolbar creator is a convenient way to create the toolbars for your program. To open the Toolbar creator select Toolbar creator from the Tools menu. With this AddIn you can create and manipulate every aspect of your toolbar.

First you must give your toolbar a name, this name will be used as a constant in your program to identify the toolbars ID number. The ID number is also selected at this time. You can select a bitmap file to use for the toolbars image list or use the default. Styles for the toolbar buttons are selected using the checkboxes.

Click on Add Btn to add a button to the toolbar, the button will be displayed on a preview toolbar at the top of the window. Give the button an ID number and assign it an image from the image buttons by clicking on an image. Separators can be added by clicking Add Sep. If you want to insert a button or separator use the Ins buttons and one will be inserted above the current selection. In order to make selection easier on large toolbars you can select the button in the list by pressing it's corresponding button on the preview toolbar.

A convenient feature is the ability to integrate your toolbar with menu items. You can open a RadASM mnu file and use the ID constants from the menu to supply ID's for your toolbar. Just select the button you wish to equate to a menu item and double click the menu item you wish to assign to that button. The constants for the menu items must be defined in your program in order for them to be used.

When your done click Export, you will be asked to save your toolbar, the file that is created is for the use of the Toolbar creator only and not to be included in your program, it is only used to enable editing the toolbar using the Open button. The MASM code for the toolbar will be output to the text box at the bottom of the dialog. You can copy and paste it directly into your code.