Project Zipper by KetilO

Installing Project zipper

Copy ProjectZip.dll to C:\RadASM\Addins
In RadASM.ini section [Addin] add:


Where x is next free number any y is the options
(y=1 enable, y=3 enable and add date to zipname).

How to use.

On RadASM's Project menu select Project zipper.
The upper editbox shows the zip path & filename and can be changed.
The next editbox shows current path.
The listview shows the files in current path. You can select
individual files by clicking on the filename. Holding down Ctrl or Shift
while clicking will multiselect. Selecting a folder will zip all files in
that folder. Double clicking on a folder will open that folder. Double
click on back arrow to go up one level. Push Select All button to select
all files and folders in the listview. Push Zip button to create
the archive or push Zip & e-mail button to send as e-mail. Push Exit
to close project zipper.

Project zipper options

In RadASM.ini add section [ProjectZip]

;Optional. Default mail address
;Optional. Skip all files in folder \bak. Skip *.obj and *.res files
;Optional. Folder where to put zip files