MsdnHelp V2.0 by Qweerdy

Usage: Just extract everything to the \RadASM\AddIns folder. The source files and other files you don't really need are in two separate folders.

This AddIn is meant as a replacement for the RadASM help function. It allows multiple help files to be grouped under the help key (F1). RadASM.ini flags can be found at the top of MsdnHelp.asm.

Supporting files:

Utility to change the help file paths.

Database containing the keywords and paths for the various help files. In most cases, it will be easier to use one of the replacement databases listed below.

Optional files:

Set this file as the help file for windows API functions and it will take you to the right MSDN online page when you press F1.It may take a while for it to open a browser window because in the background it is first loading the search results page. Note that this has not been tested as thoroughly as MsdnHelp.

win32.hlp help.mdb
This help.mdb should be used when you use Win32.hlp as your main API reference. Don't forget to set the correct path!

Msdn help.mdb
Use this help.mdb when you use MSDN or the PlatSDK as your main API reference.

NOTE: MsdnHelp will not function with HTML Help 2 format which is the format for all the newer PlatSDK and MSDN libraries.

NOTE: This is by far the most useful of all the third party AddIns for RadASM and it should definitely be installed