MakeDef by Donkey


copy the dll to your AddIn folder then add the following line to in the section


Where XX is the next available add in number and Y has one of the following values:

Y=0    The AddIn is loaded but does nothing
Y=1    The AddIn will output to the output window
Y=2    The AddIn will output to your projects def file


MakeDef will manage your exports for a DLL project. It adds two items to the context menu in the Project Properties window. The items allow you to add or remove a procedure as well as removing all exports. The AddIn also adds a new list to the properties list, Exports will list the exports in your program and allow you to remove them using the context menu. Double-clicking an export in the export list will jump to that procedure in the edit window. The def file is built when you refresh the .code listbox or build your program. The .code list should be refreshed occasionally as it will refresh the internal list of procedures available for the AddIn. The list is also refreshed every time you change from one listbox to the .code listbox.

The AddIn will verify that a procedure exists in it's internal list before it will add it to the def file, if the procedure is not found in the internal list it will be removed from the list of exports and not written to the def file.

The list of exports is kept in the rap file so it only needs to be set once, each time you open the project it will be loaded.

Projects that do not have a def file will have the menu items disabled and the Export list is not made available.