Kresizer by Kir

Kirsoft Easy Resizer ver 1.01

Available from Kir's

This AddIn creates all the code needed to move and resize controls in dialogbox in RadASM.
(Only for masm)


Copy KSresizer.dll to C:\RadASM\AddIns
Copy KSresizer.exe to C:\RadASM\AddIns

Copy KSresizer.chm to C:\RadASM\Help

Copy to C:\Masm32\Include
Copy KSresInc.lib to C:\Masm32\Lib

Edit RadASM.ini and add the following:


Where xx is the next available AddIn


From the Project menu select KSresizer. Select your Dialog Window File (*.dlg) and click OK.

In KSresizer:

Window Size:

Set min Window Width and min Window Height. If you don't need to limit this window size type 0.

Set and Restore Window Location save current window size and position when window close and restore it when window open.


Select control that you need to resize and(or) move.

Control Strategies:

Set Horizontal and(or) Vertical Position/Resize Strategies for the selected control.

Dialog Window:

After making your changes press Save button. Then press Export button.
In KSresizer Export Window you can see all code you need to insert to your .asm module:

At the beginning of your module you should include:

; KSresizer:  Include & Lib
include KSresInc.Inc
includelib KSresInc.Lib

; KSresizer: Include file for this dialog window
include KSrExRsz.Inc

; KSresizer: Name of your INI File Name
      szINIFName db ".\MyExeName.ini",0

At the beginning of your Dialog proc you should include:

 ; KSresizer: resize this dialog window
 invoke KS_resize,hWin,uMsg,wParam,lParam,\
                            ADDR KSrExRsz_0,\
                            ADDR szINIFName


For additional information see KSrEx example. This is a sample on how to use KSresizer RadAsm AddIn.