Addin Manager by KetilO

Installing Addin Manager

You need RadASM or higher.

Copy AddinMana.dll to C:\RadASM\Addins
In RadASM.ini section [Addin] add:


Where x is next free number.

How to use

From RadASM's Option menu select Addin Manager.
The listbox to the left will show all the available addins.
To Install / Uninstall addin double click in listbox or push
Install / Uninstall button.
The Options groupbox will show the options available for the
selected addin. The Info groupbox will show some info for the
selected addin. To update RadASM push OK or Apply. To cancel
and exit push Cancel.

How to make your addin 'Addin Manager compatible'


Your addin must respond to AIM_CLOSE by cleaning
up what has been added to RadASM such as:

- Deleting menu items.
- Deleting toolbar buttons.
- Undo subclassing of RadASM windows.

GetOptions proc

This proc returns a pointer to two or more ADDINOPT
structures. The last structure must be all zeros.
There is a AND and a OR value to support check groups.
There can be max 16 check boxes.

GetOptions proc
mov eax,offset AddinOpt
GetOptions endp
lpStr dd ? ;Pointer to CheckBox text
nAnd dd ? ;Option AND value
nOr dd ? ;Option OR value
AddinOpt ADDINOPT <offset szText1,1,1>
ADDINOPT <offset szText2,2,2>
ADDINOPT <0,0,0>