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M8 Transistor Tester Upgrade M328 Version ESR LC Meter Tester ModuleAbout transistor multi function test instrument:

Test instrument using 3.7V rechargeable lithium battery (battery type: 14500) power supply of portable design, while the use of MINIUSB type T socket on the battery charging and system power supply, in a long time in the interior of the more economical and easy to replace the battery always to replace the economic investment!
The test instrument is stable and can be used to read out the data accurately and conveniently. It can be used for the electronic enthusiasts, electronic developers, designers, and electronic maintenance. Can test in line devices, can also test the patch element, which can be measured diode, transistor, SCR, MOS field effect tube; to judge the type of device, pin polarity, output HFE, threshold voltage, field effect transistor junction capacitance, additional conditions can measuring capacitance and resistance. Especially suitable for transistor matching and hybrid surface mount component identification.

Function introduction:
* One key measurement operation, the time delay automatically shut off power. Support battery operation.
* Automatic detectionPNPAndNPNBipolar transistor,N,PChannelMOSFET,JFETField effect transistor, diode, double diode, thyristor, resistance, capacitance, inductance. Automatic detection pin definition.
* Current amplification factor for measuring the bipolar transistor (B) and the conduction voltage of the emitter.Uf). Darlington transistor can be identified by high threshold voltage and high current amplification factor.
* Bipolar transistor can be detected andMOSFETThe internal protection diode is displayed on the screen.
* MeasurementMOSFETThreshold voltage and gate capacitance values.
* Support for the measurement of two resistance, potentiometer can also be measured. If the potentiometer is adjusted to its end, the tester can not distinguish between the middle and the two ends of the pin.
* Resolution of resistance measurement is0.1Ohm, the maximum value of the measurement50MOhm.
* Capacitance measurement range25pfTo100mF(10000UF). Resolution of up to1 pF, inductance measurement range is0.01MH-20H, otherwise it will be shown as a resistor if the inductance of the DC resistance is higher than that of the2100Europe will also show resistance.
* Can detect2UFThe equivalent series resistance of the capacitorESRResolution is0.01Ohm. This function is very important for the detection of capacitance performance.
* Can display the correct direction of the symbol of the two diodes, while showing the forward voltage drop.
* LEDThe positive pressure drop is higher than the normal value of the diode. Double light emitting diode detector for double diode. Detection of light emitting diode will be shining.
* Each time the test is about two seconds, only a large capacitance and inductance measurement will take a long time.
Correction method:
Short three test end, into the test, the screen prompt correction steps. When off prompt open short circuit time to cut three test end school brigadier general to, when prompted to please in 1-3 feet above access 100nF capacitance.Access100nFAbove the non polarity capacitorAfter the program will automatically enter the next step. Until the end of the correction to restart, you can complete the correction.

Main parameters and usage instructions:

1 UseATmega328Micro controller
2 Super 12864Graphics LCD test results.
3 One key operation, automatic power off power.
4 Exclusive to increase the power switch, to avoid storage and off when the battery power.
5 Automatic detectionPNPAndNPNBipolar transistor,N,PChannelMOSFET,JFET, diode, double diode, thyristor,Controllable silicon.
6 Automatic detection pin layout.
7 The current amplification factor and the threshold voltage of the emitter junction are measured.
8 Darlington transistor can be identified by high threshold voltage and high current amplification factor.
9 Bipolar transistor,MOSFETDetection of protective diode.
10 MeasurementMOSFETThreshold voltage and gate capacitance values.
11 Support for the measurement of two resistors and symbols, the top four digits and the unit display. The display of the resistance sign at both ends is connected to the tester probe number (1-3). So potentiometer can also be measured.
12 Resolution of resistance measurement is0.1Highest measurement value50MOhm.
13 A capacitor can be detected and measured. Top four digit and unit display. Values can be from25pf(8MHzClock50pF@ 1MHzClock) to100mF. Resolution of up to1 pF(@ 8MHzClock.
14 Can be right2UFThe equivalent series resistance of the capacitorESRCapacitance measurement. Resolution0.01Ohm.
15 Can be measured at the same time2A diode, and display correct pin layout and forward voltage drop.
16 LEDThe forward voltage drop is much higher than normal. Double light emitting diode detector for double diode.
17 Zener diode can be detected, if the reverse breakdown voltage is lower than the4.5V. Will be shown as two diodes.
18 Only a single measurement is needed to find out the connection of the whole bridge.
19 Could not detect lower than25pfCapacitor, but can be in parallel with a diode or greater than25pfCapacitor parallel. The measurement results can be subtracted from the parallel capacitor value.
20 Resistance lower2100Ohm will measure the inductance, the range will be from0.01mH--20HBut the precision is not good.
21 The test time is about two seconds,,Capacitance and inductance measurement can be extended with the increase of the value of the time.
Model -
Quantity 1 piece
Material PCB + electronic components
Screen Size 2.3 inch
Powered By 14500 battery
Battery Number 1
Battery included or not No
Packing List
1 * Tester module

Package Weight:0.066kg (0.146lb)
Package Size:12cm x 10cm x 3cm (4.72in x 3.94in x 1.18in)