How Much is Enough?


The previous chapters dealt mainly with what should be tested, how, and why. If we were to turn all our testing ideas into automated test cases, then the test effort to implementation effort ratio would be at least 10 to 1, if not higher. One important question is therefore, When will we have sufficiently tested? Let's be honest, only very few of us are addicted to testing. Most development teams suffer rather from the opposite phenomenon. There are too few tests for us to always deliver or restructure with a clear conscience. The other important question is therefore, When have we tested too little? There are numerous factors that play a role in determining the optimal testing effort. The most important ones follow:

For these reasons, we have to weigh two aspects against each other: the economic side (How much does which error level cost me?) and the technical side (How many tests will bring me maximum velocity, flexible design, and happy developers?). [1]There is no such thing? Check it out at [URL:Soxabo].