My XML-RPC handler class has public methods that return void because I don't need a returned value. Why don't these work in XML-RPC?


They may work in other implementations of the XML-RPC protocol, but Apache XML-RPC doesn't support void as a return type in classes that receive method calls. The LottoCounter class didn't need to return a value in its sendRequest() method either, so it returns the Boolean value TRue in all circumstances.


How does XML-RPC compare to RMI?


Remote Method Invocation (RMI) is a technique to call one Java class from another class over any network. RMI requires placeholder classes called stubs and skeletons that serve as proxies for classes on a different computer. RMI also requires a registry tool that connects RMI clients and servers to ports, delivering method calls and responses back and forth. Most XML-RPC implementations are simpler to implement than RMI. They require method-calling techniques different than Java, unlike an all-Java solution like RMI, but offer a compensating advantage: the ability to work with software developed in other languages.


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