How can I draw arcs that go clockwise rather than counterclockwise?


You can accomplish this by specifying the size of the arc as a negative number. The arc will begin at the same point, but go in the opposite direction in an elliptical path. For example, the following statement draws an open arc at (35,20) that is 90 degrees long, begins at the 0 degree mark, goes clockwise, and has a height of 20 and a width of 15:

Arc2D.Float smile = new Arc2D.Float(35F, 20F, 15F, 20F,
 0F, -90F, Arc2D.Float.OPEN);


Ellipses and circles don't have corners. What are the (x,y) coordinates specified with the Ellipses.Float constructor method?


The (x,y) coordinates represent the smallest x value and smallest y value of the oval or circle. If you drew an invisible rectangle around it, the upper-left corner of the rectangle would be the x and y coordinates used as arguments to the method.


What kind of plant grows on Chia Pets?


Salvia hispanica, a mint plant native to central Mexico that was a major food crop for the Aztecs and had uses for cleansing, wound dressing, and body painting. The plant isn't as dinky as you might think. The grooved clay surface of a Chia animal offers insufficient nutrients and no space for roots to grow. Joseph Enterprises, the makers of the Chia Pet, has a World Wide Web site at http://www.chiapet.com.