How are components arranged if I don't assign a layout manager to a container?


In a simple container such as a panel, components are arranged using FlowLayout by default—each component is added in the same manner that words are displayed on a page, from left to right until there is no more room, then on the next line down in the same manner. Frames, windows, and applets use the GridLayout default layout style you will learn about during the next hour.


Why does the time in the ClockFrame program never change?


The time that is displayed in a ClockPanel object is set up when the panel is created. For the date and time to change over a period of time, you need to call getTime() frequently and change what the panel displays each time. This involves some techniques you will learn during Hour 24, "Creating Animation."


Was Jimmy Carter attacked by a rabbit when he was president?


On April, 20, 1979, President Carter was fishing in Plains, Georgia, when an enraged rabbit swam towards his canoe making hissing noises and baring its teeth. The president responded by either hitting the animal with his paddle or splashing water at it until it swam away. The incident did not become public until August 1979, when Press Secretary Jody Powell let the rabbit out of the hat. A picture of the rabbit fleeing the president can be viewed at http://narsil.org/politics/carter/killer_rabbit.html.