Saving the Finished Product

Your program should now resemble Listing 2.2, although you might have used slightly different spacing in Lines 3–4. Make any corrections that are needed and save the file as Keep in mind that all Java programs are created as textfiles and are saved with the .java file extension.

Listing 2.2. The Finished Version of the Saluton Program
1: class Saluton {
2: public static void main(String[] arguments) {
3: String greeting = "Saluton mondo!";
4: System.out.println(greeting);
5: }
6: }

When the computer runs this program, it will run each of the statements in the main statement block on Lines 3 and 4. Listing 2.3 shows what the program would look like if it were written in the English language instead of Java.

Listing 2.3. A Line-by-Line Breakdown of the Saluton Program
1: The Saluton program begins here:
2: The main part of the program begins here:
3: Store the text "Saluton mondo!" in a String variable named greeting
4: Display the contents of the variable greeting
5: The main part of the program ends here.
6: The Saluton program ends here.