Conclusion: The Final Editor

The Editor2 app generated in this chapter is far from a commercial-grade app. Nevertheless, as you can see in Figure 7-13, the app displays many of the features you would want in your own editor apps. Editor2 is capable of editing RTF files, which support editing features such as multiple fonts. Editor2 has a main menu bar with shortcut keys for the most common editing functions.

Java Click to view at full size.

Screenshot-13. The resulting editor app with menus, toolbar buttons, and context menu (context menu displayed).

A toolbar is present for several of the menu item commands and a context menu can be displayed as well.

Not visible in Figure 7-13 is the ability of the editor to handle drag-and-drop operations. Editor2 can also handle cutting and pasting both RTF and plain text, both within the app and between Editor2 and other apps.

By now you should be getting comfortable with the Properties window and the Toolbox. Only a few more Toolbox controls need special mention and we'll tackle these in the next chapter. Comments