Java Syntax

This tutorial starts with simple examples, and then proceeds to increasingly complicated and more powerful topics that demonstrate the capabilities of MS Visual J Plus Plus v6. Even with this graduated approach, you might find some material difficult to follow if you aren't familiar with Java syntax. This appendix contains a quick overview of the syntax of Java.

If you are a C++ programmer, you'll be able to pick up Java with minimal effort. The syntax and the object-oriented features of Java are similar to those found in the C++ language. In those cases where Java syntax differs from C++ syntax, the Java syntax is usually simpler. Nevertheless, you should review the more advanced syntax features of Java, because they tend to differ from those found in C++.

If you are a programmer of another language, for example Microsoft Visual Basic, you'll have a much higher learning curve to master Java than C++ programmers do. The syntax of Java differs from the syntax of languages other than C and C++. The object-oriented philosophy of Java will be equally unfamiliar to you if you program nonobjected languages, including Visual Basic and C.

The purpose of this appendix is to make Visual J Plus Plus v6 available to all members of the coding community.

The Java overview contained in this appendix will make the reference material contained in the Help system more approachable.