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Introduction to Extreme Programming

If the Code Smells, Refactor It
UML and CASE tools

Storing and Managing Code with CVS

Where to Get Concurrent Versions System (CVS)

Ant Primer

Where To Get Ant
What Is Your Favorite IDE?

Unit Testing with JUnit

Where to Get JUnit
System.out.println Is Not Enough
Security and Authentication
IDEs Support JUnit and Ant

Load Testing with JUnitPerf

Where To Get JUnitPerf
Real Test

Defect Tracking with Bugzilla

Where to Get Bugzilla

Functional Testing with HttpUnit

Where to Get HttpUnit
HttpUnit vs. Cactus
Is This a Valid Test?
Errors or Failures?

Performance Testing with JMeter

Where To Get JMeter
Being a Hero Is No fun

Cactus Primer

Where to Get Cactus
A Real-World example
Cactus vs. HttpUnit
A Possible Trap

JspTestCases and Testing Custom Tags with Cactus

Then How Can I Test My JSPs?

Testing EJBs with Cactus

Security and Authentication
IDEs support JUnit and Ant

Code Coverage with jcoverage

Where to Get jcoverage

Swing Testing with Jemmy

Where to Get Jemmy

Swing Testing with jfcUnit

Where to Get jfcUnit

Managing Projects with Maven

Where to Get Maven
Where to Get Jelly

Automating Continuous Integration with CruiseControl

Where to Get CruiseControl
What Do Your Build Scripts Do?
Timing Difficulties
Use “Antscript” by Preference
Keeping Track of Your Builds
What Sort of Information Do You Want in Your Builds?
Where's the Address Book?
Cruise RemoteControl
Getting the Build Label
Resource Management

Automating Continuous Integration with AntHill

Where to Get AntHill

Appendix A: Example apps Used in this tutorial

Where To Get the Example apps

Java ScreenShot