Using JMeter to Test Performance of Our RDBMS

For completeness, we want to add a test to test the RDBMS server for our pet store app. If your system was experiencing some lag, you could rule out the RDBMS system by load testing. Perhaps you need to adjust some indexes or add a vertical or horizontal split to reduce lock contention and deadlocks. After you do this, you want to be sure your throughput is what you expect—that you got the improvements you were hoping for. Start JMeter as before and add a new ThreadGroup. Then, add a database testing controller to the ThreadGroup (right-click the ThreadGroup and select Add, Controller, Database Testing). Now, configure the controller as shown here:

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Right-click the Database Testing controller and add three SQL queries to it with the following SQL query statements:

select name, description, id from category where ID = 777
select name, description, id, fk_category_id from subcategory where ID = 111
select name, description, price, id, fk_subcategory_id from product where id = 1

These queries essentially test navigation of the front-end pet store. To complete the test, we need to add a timer and a listener. When we are done we can run the test, and the JMeter instance will look like the one in the previous illustration.