Defect Tracking with Bugzilla


Why does a project need defect-tracking software? Requirements can be vague or misunderstood, and even the best developers make mistakes when creating a module. Modules that work perfectly well in isolation often prove to need bug fixes when system and integration testing begins. Users often wish to request new features as well. Defect-tracking software packages can create a central repository to maintain a running list and status of the software shortcomings mentioned above. Good defect-tracking software can also serve as a conduit of communication between the members of a project team. The original defect-tracking mechanism for high-tech projects was probably a stack of Post-it notes or a small spreadsheet maintained by the project lead. In this chapter you will learn to use the Bugzilla package to facilitate defect tracking for your projects.

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Where to Get Bugzilla

Bugzilla was created by to replace the bug tracking software that had been in use at Netscape. Bugzilla is both free and open source; it is available under a combination of Mozilla and Netscape public licenses, as well as GPL. You can download the software at:

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