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List of Tables


Table 1.2: Description of compiler phases.


Table 3.16: Nullable, FIRST, and FOLLOW for Grammar 3.15.
Table 3.17: Predictive parsing table for Grammar 3.15. We omit the columns for num, /, and -, as they are similar to others in the table.
Table 3.19: LR parsing table for Grammar 3.1.
Table 3.22: LR(0) parsing table for Grammar 3.20.
Table 3.28: LR(1) and LALR(1) parsing tables for Grammar 3.26.
Table 3.35: LR parsing table for Grammar 3.5.
Table 3.36: Conflicts of Table 3.35 resolved.

Activation Records

Table 6.4: Formal parameters for g(x1, x2, x3) where x1 escapes.

Liveness Analysis

Table 10.5: Liveness calculation following forward control-flow edges.
Table 10.6: Liveness calculation following reverse control-flow edges.
Table 10.7: X and Y are solutions to the liveness equations; Z is not a solution.

Object-Oriented Languages

Table 14.6. Facilities for type testing and safe casting.

Dataflow Analysis

Table 17.1: Quadruples expressed in the Tree language. Occurrences of a, b, c, f, L denote TEMP, CONST, or LABEL nodes only.
Table 17.2: Gen and kill for reaching definitions.
Table 17.4: Gen and kill for available expressions.
Table 17.10: Transfer function for alias flow analysis.

Pipelining and Scheduling

Table 20.6: (a) Tableau of software-pipelined loop schedule; there is a group of instructions fj with slope 0, another group abg with slope 2, and a third group cdeh with slope 3. (b) The smaller-slope groups are pushed down to slope 3, and a pattern is found (boxed) that constitutes the pipelined loop.

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