How This tutorial Is Organized

The MIDP Style Guide provides recommendations for designing the user interfaces of MIDlets, apps written in the Java coding language (Java apps) for MIDP. It guides user-interface (UI) designers, app developers, and MIDP implementors toward a common set of practices that are based on good UI and software design principles, user studies, and the specific requirements of MIDP. These practices will help designers, developers, and implementors create successful apps and devices. To get the most out of this tutorial, you should be familiar with the MIDP specifications. Both the MIDP 1.0 Specification [19] and the MIDP 2.0 Specification [19] are available from the Java Community ProcessSM (JCPSM) at: The following list describes the organization of the MIDP Style Guide:

  • provides an overview of the tutorial's audience and typographical conventions. It also discusses consumer characteristics, consumer markets, and design considerations for consumer devices and apps.
  • describes the required device characteristics, as well as MIDP characteristics and their implications.
  • describes a design process for MIDP apps.
  • covers implementing and using high-level and low-level screens.
  • discusses implementing and using list screens.
  • covers implementing and using text boxes.
  • covers implementing and using forms, as well as form layout.
  • discusses implementing and using form items.
  • covers implementing and using alerts and alert types.
  • describes implementing and using canvases.
  • discusses implementing and using the new game package.
  • covers implementing and using abstract commands.
  • covers integrating MIDP and its apps into a device, and enabling users to download and install MIDlets over a network.
  • discusses implementing and using push functionality.
  • describes implementing and using the MIDP 2.0 security model.
  • covers using touch input, improving performance, and multi-threading.