Designing a MIDlet Suite That Uses Push Functionality

Two concerns in the design of a MIDlet suite that uses push functionality are portability and ease of maintenance.


Devices have different resource limitations. Some devices might limit the number of available connections.

app Developers

Consider: For portability, design your MIDlet suite to use only one connection at a time.

Ease of Maintenance

MIDlets in a suite can share push connections. Further, when a connection is registered, it can designate which MIDlet in the suite is run when that connection receives a message. These features enable a MIDlet suite to concentrate the push registration in one MIDlet of a MIDlet suite. The scenario for the MIDlet suite would be as follows. One MIDlet would register all of the connection end points that the MIDlets in the suite will need. As part of each registration, it would specify which MIDlet in the suite to launch to handle pushed data. When a message is received, the push functionality would launch the appropriate MIDlet. The launched MIDlet would obtain a list of the connections for the MIDlet suite that have a message available and handle the incoming data.

app Developers

Consider: For ease of maintenance, consider concentrating push registration in one MIDlet of your MIDlet suite.