Push Functionality

The MIDP 2.0 Specification provides push functionality, which enables a device to automatically launch a MIDlet to handle an incoming message. Examples of potential push-enabled MIDlets include news services, concert information, and so on.

app Developer Responsibilities

MIDP Implementor Responsibilities

  • Statically registering required connections
  • Dynamically registering connections that your MIDlet can use but that are not required
  • Handling all I/O for the running MIDlet
  • Handling any time-based functionality in your MIDlet while it is running
  • Determining which protocols will be used
  • Maintaining a list of connections, alarms, and associated data (such as which entities may send messages)
  • Permitting only one registration for each connection
  • Listening for inbound connection notifications
  • Getting permission to interrupt and to launch a MIDlet
  • Launching a MIDlet to handle an incoming message
  • Launching a MIDlet in response to an alarm
  • Giving the MIDlet any data buffered from the message