Changes from MIDP 1.0 to MIDP 2.0

The MIDP 2.0 Specification [19] enhances and extends the MIDP 1.0 Specification [19]. The MIDP 2.0 Specification adds the following functionality to MIDP.

  • app delivery and installation (over-the-air provisioning was only a recommended practice in MIDP 1.0)
  • app signing model and privileged domains security model
  • Support for receiving pushed data
  • Networking – In addition to the MIDP 1.0 HTTP API, MIDP 2.0 has:





    Server sockets

  • Sound
  • Timers
  • New UI components:


    Pop-up choice group


    Game canvas

  • Graphics – Has new capabilities, such as copying an area from one place on a graphic to another
  • Updated form and form items (the following list provides highlights, but is not an exhaustive list of changes.)
    ChoiceGroup – A MIDlet can now request a text policy (e.g., TEXT_WRAP_ON) and specify fonts

    Form – New layout policy

    Gauge – Can now specify states for the gauge, such as CONTINUOUS_RUNNING

    ImageItem – Has new appearance modes, such as BUTTON and HYPERLINK

    Item – Can now specify a minimum height and width, a preferred height and width, and a layout directive (layout directives were only for image items in MIDP 1.0)

    StringItem – Has new appearance modes, such as BUTTON and HYPERLINK

    TextField – Has new constraints (such as DECIMAL) and new modifiers (such as UNEDITABLE)

  • Other updated UI components:
    Alert – Can have commands and a gauge

    Canvas – Has a full-screen mode: can have a ticker

    Choice – Has a new type of choice (pop-up) and new text policies (such as TEXT_WRAP_ON)

    Command – Can now have a short and a long label

    Display – Has backlight and vibrate functionality

    Displayable – Has ticker and title

    Image – Can now handle transparency

    Lists – Implicit lists can specify a default command

    Screen – The ticker and title commands were moved from here to Displayable

    TextBox – TextField's updates affect TextBox

    Ticker – Can now be attached to a Displayable