List of Tables

Web Services Overview

Table 1.1: Comparison of Physical Deployment Types
Table 1.2: Comparison of Logical Design Methods
Table 1.3: Web Services Standards Bodies


Table 4.1: The Object Representation of a SOAP Message in SAAJ


Table 5.1: WSDL Elements that May Be Extended


Table 6.1: Business Entity Identifiers
Table 6.2: System Properties Supported by UDDI4J


Table 7.1: ebXML Specification Status to Date


Table 9.1: The org.xml.sax Package
Table 9.2: The org.xml.sax.helpers Package
Table 9.3: The org.xml.sax.ext Package
Table 9.4: The SAX Parsing Part of JAXP in the javax.xml.parsers Package
Table 9.5: Properties that Can Be Configured with the SaxPaserFactory
Table 9.6: The DOM Parsing Part of JAXP in the javax.xml.parsers Package
Table 9.7: The javax.xml.transform Package
Table 9.8: The javax.xml.transform.dom Package
Table 9.9: The javax.xml.transform.sax Package
Table 9.10: The Package


Table 10.1: Portability across JAX-RPC and RMI
Table 10.2: Java-to-XML Data Type Mapping
Table 10.3a: XML-to-Java Data Type Mapping for Basic Types
Table 10.3b: XML-to-Java Data Type Mapping
Table 10.4: Mapping of SOAP Simple Types to Java
Table 10.5: Examples of RPC/Encoded, RPC/Literal, Document/Literal, and Document/Encoded Combinations
Table 10.6: Data Type Mapping between Java and WSDL
Table 10.7: MIME-to-Java Data Type Mapping
Table 10.8: Handler-Specific API in JAX-RPC
Table 10.9: JAX-RPC-Defined Holder Classes
Table 10.10: The Type Mapping System API
Table 10.11: Deserializers and Serializers Provided as Utilities by the Reference Implementation


Table 11.1: The MIME Mappings that Must Be Supported by Every SAAJ Implementation
Table 11.2: Core Interfaces in the javax.xml.messaging Package


Table 12.1: The JAXR Connection Properties
Table 12.2: Information Model Mapping
Table 12.3: Mapping of UDDI uploader API to JAXR
Table 12.4: Mapping of UDDI Inquiry API to JAXR


Table 13.1: Additional Mappings Defined in JAXB
Table 13.2: JAXB Packages
Table 13.3: Unmarshalling from Different Sources
Table 13.4: Marshalling Object Trees into Different Destinations
Table 13.5: Marshaller Properties

Transaction Management

Table 14.1a: All EJBs Deployed with Transaction Attribute Required
Table 14.1b: Account Management EJB with Transaction Attribute RequiresNew
Table 14.2: Properties of Traditional and Business Transaction Models


Table 15.1: Authentication Methods
Table 15.2: Symmetric Algorithms
Table 15.3: WS-I Specifications
Table 15.4: WS-Security Faults
Table 15.5: MD5 Example

Practical Considerations

Table 16.1: Components of a Systems Management Strategy
Table 16.2: Web Services Features
Table 16.3: Load Testing Metrics
Table 16.4: Availability Statistics
Table 16.5: Caching Considerations
Table 16.6: Enabling Services

Appendix A: XML Schema

Table A.1: Facets
Table A.2: Facets

Appendix B: JSTL

Table B.1: Implicit objects in JSTL
Table B.2: JSTL tags
Table B.3: Absolute URI for JSTL tags