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I/O (input/output)
     blocking [See blocking I/O]
     non-blocking [See non-blocking I/O]
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
IESG (Internet Engineering Steering Group)
IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force)
implAccept( ) method (ServerSocket class)
implementing the Runnable interface
INBOX folder
Inet4Address and Inet6Address classes
InetAddress class
     address types and testing methods
     creating objects
     getter methods
     Object class, inheritance from
     object methods
     security issues
     testing reachability (Java 1.5)
InflaterInputStream class
input streams 2nd
     marking and resetting methods
InputStreamReader class 2nd
IntBuffer class
interface-local multicast addresses
         public relations aspects
Internet address classes
Internet address lookup
    code examples
         finding the local machine address
         finding tP address of the local machine
         IP addresses, comparing
         network interfaces, program for listing
         nslookup clone
         print local machine IP address
         test IP address characteristics (Java 1.4)
         using address, find the hostname
         web server log processing addresses printing program address printing program IP address printing program
Internet addresses
Internet layer
Internet protocols
     classes of service for
     daytime protocol (RFC 867)
     echo protocol (RFC 862)
     half-closing sockets for
     time protocol (RFC 868)
InternetAddress class
     protected fields
IP (Internet Protocol)
     IPv4 vs. IPv6
IP addresses 2nd
     address types
         global multicast addresses
         interface-local multicast addresses
         link-local addresses
         loopback addresses
         multicast addresses
         organization-wide multicast addresses
         site-local addresses
         site-wide multicast addresses
         subnet-wide multicast addresses
         wildcard addresses
     InetAddress class, and
     IPv4 format
     IPv6 format
     multicast addresses
     non-routable addresses
     testing reachability (Java 1.5)
IP datagram headers
IPv6 link-local addresses
IPv6 site-local addresses
IRIs (Internationalized Resource Identifiers)
isAbsolute( ) method (URI class)
isAnyLocalAddress( ) method
isBlock( ) method (HTML.Tag class)
isBound( ) methods
     ServerSocket class
     Socket class
isClosed( ) method (Socket class)
isConnected( ) methods
     DatagramChannel class
     Socket class
     SocketChannel class
isHostName( ) method, HostLookup program
isInputShutdown( ) and isOutputShutdown methods (Socket class)
isLinkLocalAddress( ) method
isLoopbackAddress method
isMCGlobal( ) method
isMCLinkLocal( ) method
isMCNodeLocal( ) method
isMCOrgLocal( ) method
isMCSiteLocal( ) method
isMimeType( ) method (Part interface)
isMulticastAddress( ) method
isOpaque( ) method (URI class)
isOpen( ) methods
     DatagramChannel class
     Folder class
     SocketChannel class
isPreformatted( ) method (HTML.Tag class)
ISPs (Internet Service Providers)
isSet( ) method (Flags class)
isSiteLocalAddress( ) method
isSubscribed( ) method (Folder class)