Who Is This tutorial For?

This tutorial is aimed at people who are new to coding and also programmers new to the Java language as a whole who want to learn how to make games using Java 1.4. The aim of this tutorial is to teach you the technical aspects of coding games using Java 1.4. Although we cover the basics of game coding theory in this tutorial, we do not delve into the theory at an advanced level, as this tutorial is designed to teach games coding using Java 1.4 and not specifically general games coding theory. For example, we look at the basics of collision detection, such as sphere and bounding box collisions, but do not delve into advanced techniques such as pixel perfect collision testing. However, we do look into important technical features of Java for game programming, such as full-screen mode, thread synchronization issues, and using the JNI (Java Native Interface) to implement a high-resolution timer in Java, to name but a few. Don't worry, all this will be explained as you progress through the tutorial…

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