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valid XML documents
validate( ) method
input and output types
validateDocument( ) (DocumentEditVAL)
validating XML
against a DTD
against an XML Schema
against RELAX NG schema
configuring for parser factory
initiating in SAX
differences between 1.0 and 2.0
JAXB 1.0 features
JAXB 2.0
JAXP 2nd
creating SchemaFactory
problems with
representing constraint model
validating XML
performed by SAXReader instance
SAX 2.0 feature
Validation module (DOM) 2nd 3rd
checking for state validity
checking for valid operations
enforcing validity
note types supporting validation
validation schema for parser factory
validation setting, handling with DOMConfiguration
ValidationEvent interface
ValidationEventHandler interface
ValidationEventLocator interface
Validator class
Validator interface (deprecated)
ValidatorHandler interface
value-of construct
varargs (Java 5)
XPath 2nd
spport by JDOM
versions, XML document
view (MVC apps)
XML used for data passed to/from controller
Views module (DOM) 2nd
visit( ) method (Visitor)
Visitor interface
Visitor object
Visitor Pattern 2nd
VisitorSupport class