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NamedNodeMap class 2nd
XML elements
XML elements and attributes
Namespace class
equals( ) method
NAMESPACE event 2nd
XMLStreamReader methods
Namespace interface
NamespaceChangingVisitor class
NamespaceContext interface 2nd 3rd
namespaces 2nd
accessing namespace-qualified element or attribute in dom4j
awareness, setting for SAX
declarations in XML Schema
distinguishing XSL from other types of elements
DOM support for
Dublin Core Simple elements
in dom4j
in instance documents validated against XML Schema
JAXB 1.0 support of
JDOM Namespace objects
not used in instance document validated against XML Schema
parser factory namespace awareness
prefix reporting
processing in XmlPull
replacing URIs
data snapshot using XMLWriter
using filters
reporting on xmlns attributes
ROME module
RSS 1.0 and 2.0
RSS 1.0 Content module
RSS 1.0 Syndication module
RSS CommentAPI module
RSS iTunes module
RSS iTunes module elements
SAX 2.0 namespace processing
SAX parser callbacks
support by JDOM XPath class
support by XMLStreamWriter
target namespace for schema compiled with xjc
XMLOutputFactory property
NegateFilter class
nested elements, applying templates in XSL
nested XML tags
new keyword
instantiating JDOM classes
instantiation of XMLHttpRequest object
newInstance( ) method
JAXBContext class
XMLInputFactory class
XMLOutputFactory class
XPathFactory class
newSchema( ) method
newTransformer( ) method
newValidator( ) method
newValidatorHandler( ) (Schema)
next( ) method
nextTag( ) method
NODE (XPath return type) 2nd
Node interface
accessing child nodes
output from marshalling
asXML( ) method
Visitor Pattern
getAttributes( )
node sets
functions for
node( ) method
nodeCount( ) method
NodeEditVAL interface
nodeValidity( ) method
NodeFilter interface 2nd
acceptNode( ) method
NodeIterator interface 2nd
NodeList class 2nd
adding to Document object in dom4j
DOM node property, SAX 2.0
JDOM, single parent of
types supporting validation
working with
XML, eliminating references from code
NODESET (XPath return type)
NodeTypePattern class
nodeValidity( ) method
noNamespaceSchemaLocation attribute
nonfatal errors in XML parsing
SAX handling of
normalization (Unicode)
normalizing character data in XML document
notation declarations, handling with DTDHandler
corresponding StAX interface
XMLStreamReader methods
notationDecl( ) (DTDDHandler)
NotationDeclaration interface
null return values (JDOM)
NUMBER (XPath return type)