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I/O streams as input to parsers
ICBM RSS module
ICBMGenerator class
ICBMModule interface
ICBMModuleImpl class
ICBMParser class
identity transformation
IE [See Internet Explorer]
IETF (Internet Engineering Task Force), AtomPub Working Group
ignorable whitespace, dropping with DocumentBuilder
ignorableWhitespace( ) method 2nd
index-based access to child elements in dom4j
IndexedDocumentFactory class 2nd
IndexedElement class
Informa library
inline binding declarations
innerHTML property
input and output
document output in dom4j
feed input with ROME
input for read( ) method, SAXReader
input for XML
input options for unmarshal( )
JAXB marshalling, output mechanisms
outputting a ROME feed
outputting XML with JDOM
RSS podcast feed, using iTunes module with
InputSource class
advantages over URI use
InputStream class
instance documents
generating DTDs from
generating RELAX NG schema from
generating XML Schemas from
validating against an XML Schema
dom4j core interfaces
JAXB validation events
ROME module 2nd
intern( ) (String)
internalEntityDecl( ) (DeclHandler)
Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF), AtomPubWorking Group
Internet Explorer (IE)
transformation support
XMLHttpRequest object in Version 7
XMLHttpRequest object in versions prior to 7
invalid XML created in JDOM subclassing
IOException class
iPhoto Photocast module
isPropertySupported( ) method
isRepairingNamespaces property, XMLOutputFactory
isValidating( ) (Unmarshaller)
Item class
module-related methods
items (RSS)
Iterator interface
adding attribute and namespace objects
using in dom4j
iTunes interface
iTunes module 2nd
creating podcast RSS feed
iTunes Music Store
podcast directory