Conclusion—Making J2EE Work for You


We've covered a lot of ground in this tutorial. While we haven't attempted to look at the whole of J2EE, we have looked in detail at those features and components that are most useful for building typical real-world apps. While we've focused on web apps, most of the issues discussed are relevant to all client types. I feel that too much J2EE literature takes a highly theoretical approach that doesn't meet the challenges of real-world enterprise development. In this tutorial, I've tried to take a practical and pragmatic approach to J2EE design and development. In particular, I've emphasized on:

We've considered not merely the J2EE specifications, but how some important features are implemented in leading servers. J2EE now has several years behind it, and while many features have proven their value, others have not been so successful. We must take this experience into account.

In this chapter, we'll consider some of the lessons that we've drawn.