What You Need for Using this tutorial

To run the samples in this tutorial you will need:

To run the sample app, you will need the following third-party libraries:

To use the testing strategies discussed in , you will need:

To run all the web content generation examples in you will need:

See Appendix A for information on how to install and configure these last four products. All the third-party products and libraries discussed above are free and open source. To build the source code you will need Apache Ant 1.4.1 or later, including optional task support.

The complete source code for the samples is available for download from our web site at There are two versions of the download: one which contains all the binaries discussed above, and a much smaller bundle that includes only the source code and compiled code discussed in this tutorial. Download the smaller version if you already have, or want to download, the third-party products listed above.